Universities adopt USMS Standard 2017

USMS - Spit, Stoffer en Van Dijk

Visit of Mr Howard Stoffer to Saxion University of Applied Science

The objective of the visit was to present the Universal Security Management Systems Standard and to meet with the regional expertise contributing to safety, security & forensics on March 13th 2017 at Saxion University in Enschede, The Netherlands.

Honored guest is Mr. Howard Stoffer, former US Foreign Service officer and Deputy Executive Director in the UN Security Council. He is also an Associate Professor of National Security at the University of New Haven which is world famous for Crime Science and hosting the Henry Lee Institute for Forensic Science.
The University of New Haven has a special interest in the Saxion Security Management program In which the USMS Standard 2016 will be an important framework.

The USMS Standard was presented by Marcel Spit and Trijntje van Dijk who are the initiators and dedicated promotors of this management system.

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